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Your Jewelry Manufacturing Partner

Zeitmanufaktur expands your brand with a solution-oriented service in the world of jewelry.

That means you work with a jewelry expert right from the start. From brainstorming to hand-drawn illustrations, computer-rendered 3D designs, samples and our reliable manufacturing and delivery process, Zeitmanufaktur is your partner for success with bespoke jewelry.

Thanks to our in-house design team, carefully selected Asian production facilities, modern technology and commitment to clear communication, we deliver jewelry of high quality.

Diamond Rings

Working with us

When you partner with Zeitmanufaktur, you gain immediate access to our expertise and carefully-hewn processes.

Our design-first approach guides you through ideation, development, and manufacturing of your collection with ease and efficiency. And you’ll never wonder about the quality or status of your collection:  our dedicated team will keep you in the know throughout the process so you feel comfortable whether it’s your first order or fiftieth.

With years of experience with jewelry, supply chains and technology across our expert team, we have honed our process to an art. Make your vision a reality with our solution-oriented service.

Our work speaks for itself. We’re here to work with you, every step of the way.

Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry

Nowadays the focus on ethical labor standards and environmental friendliness plays a major role, in our manufacturing processes and in offering eco-friendly materials.

Among others ZEITMANUFAKTUR does provide the following:


Lab-grown gemstones/Diamonds

are 100% real gemstones. They are unmined but synthetically made in a laboratory.

They are produced in a controlled environment through various human-made processes dependent on the gemstone. All of the chemical composition, optical and physical characteristics of a naturally-mined gemstone are maintained.

To learn more about lab-grown diamonds versus natural diamonds—including how they also may vary in price, durability, and clarity —

please read on >>

Recycled Sterling Silver (​Ecosilver)

Recycled sterling silver is real precious silver extracted from used products, like for example cutlery, jewelry, circuit boards or even photos.


In the process of extracting sterling silver from used sterling silver items, no purity gets lost.

The nugget of silver produced at the end of the process of recycling is still pure silver. It can be used to produce new products right away -


Goldsmith which manufactures jewellery

Our Mission

In addition to the most advanced machines and technologies, there is the work of qualified personnel, who, with their many years of experience and goldsmith knowledge, give your piece of jewelry additional added value.

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