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  • Which materials are used for watch making?
    The majority of the watch cases produced are made of stainless steel. However, other materials such as titanium or simple alloys can also be used. By default, materials for watch straps are made of genuine leather, synthetic leather with a leather inner coating, silicone, nylon or stainless steel. Watch glasses are mostly made of mineral or sapphire glass.
  • What is the water resistancy like for wristwatches?
    The information about the watertightness of watches leads to misunderstandings again and again, since the stated meter information is usually not very meaningful. Here are a few guidelines to help you use your watch and water correctly: This information corresponds to the so-called ideal conditions. Waterproof watches also have weak points: Especially when jumping into the water and swimming, a higher water pressure can build up on the seals for a short time than the guaranteed pressure. Clocks that are cooled down after a long sunbath by jumping into the water are particularly at risk. The pressure when it hits the water surface in combination with the negative pressure caused by the cooling can lead to damage more quickly. The sealing elements wear off due to daily use, for example if improperly used. Shocks, high temperature fluctuations, sweat, but also perfumes or hand creams favor this.
  • Do you have closer informations about guarantee?
    We grant a two-year guarantee on wristwatches manufactured by us. When do warranty claims arise? Warranty claims arise as soon as there is damage or malfunction to the product that occurs within the warranty period. In such cases you have the right to rework or exchange the goods. Damage or malfunctions resulting from incorrect handling, use of force or natural wear and tear are excluded from the warranty.
  • What's included in the watch price?
    All prices in USD (United States Dollar) Ex Works Hong Kong (SAR), incl. of packaging (bubble bags & Export Air Freight Carton) Branding of watch dial and case back included in item price. Setup charge for dial branding: US$ 39.-/logo, printing color and model. Special branding requirements are always possible and will be quoted on case to case basis after having received your art work.
  • What are the payment options?
    With the final, approved watch drawing, the first down payment of 50% of the order value is due. After completion of the order and before the goods are dispatched, we require the final payment.
  • How can payments be made?
    A simple bank transfer or payment via PayPal is possible.
  • Do you deliver worldwide?
    Yes - ZEITMANUFAKTUR delivers to almost all countries in the world. Our Incoterms - Ex Works Hong Kong.
  • Do you also do drop shipping?
    From a minimum order quantity of 500 wristwatches, regardless of whether it is WhiteLabel or PrivateLabel watches, we are also happy to deliver directly to your customers in the respective countries.
  • What is a PrivateLabel Watch?
    Watches which are designed and manufactured from scratch to our customers liking. ZEITMANUFAKTUR produces the corresponding technical drawings according to customer specifications, which the watch goes into production with after clients approval. These watch models are usually registered under the trademark by the designer, or owner of the brand.
  • What do I need to have my own individual watches built?
    Let us know your ideas. Whether based on sample photos, drawings or just your ideas, such as the shape and dimensions of the watch, from which material, which functions, color and design details, etc. Using technical drawings made by our in-house designer team, your dream watch will be put on paper.
  • What is the MOQ (Minium Order Quantity)?
    ZEITMANUFAKTUR manufactures custom-made watches models from an order quantity of at least 500 pieces.
  • According to which quality standards the watches are made?
    All watches made by ZEITMANUFAKTUR meet the RoHS and CE requirements. Additional desired product certificates can of course also be established.
  • How long is the production time?
    From the approval of our technical drawings, the production time averages 40 to 50 calendar days. Larger quantities or if a movement with longer delivery times is required, special requests must be made.
  • Do you provide samples before you start the production?
    On request, we will produce a prototype of your new watch design in advance before we start mass production.
  • Do you manufacture wristwatches "MADE IN GERMANY"?"
    ZEITMANUFAKTUR manufactures watch components for the production of wristwatches with the quality certificate "MADE IN GERMANY", which are assembled in cooperation with German master watchmakers to produce the finished wristwatch. All work steps up to the finished wristwatch are controlled by ZEITMANUFAKTUR.
  • Do you manufacture watches with the certificate "MADE IN SWITZERLAND"
    ZEITMANUFAKTUR also manufactures watch components for the further manufacturing of wristwatches with the quality certificate "MADE IN SWITZERLAND". Those components are assembled in cooperation with Swiss watchmakers and designers to produce the finished wristwatch. All work steps up to the finished wristwatch are controlled by ZEITMANUFAKTUR.
  • Can certificates, like warranty cards be attached to my watch?
    Yes - the production and packing of certificates can also be done by ZEITMANUFAKTUR.
  • What is the MOQ for Private Label watches
    The MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for individual self designed watches is 500 pieces.
  • How long do you need to produce my watches?
    Depending on the desired quantity, our production times vary slightly. On average, an order is completed in 40 days and can be shipped.
  • What is a white label wristwatch?
    Our WhiteLabel watch range consists of over 300 watch models. With this standard range, the shape, color and size of the watch, as well as the interior and the respective bracelet, are fixed components. Customers can freely design the entire dial, including the hour and minute index. The case cover on the back of the watch is also available for design requests. The possible design techniques can be found in the following link:
  • What exactly can be designed on these watches?
    With our WhiteLabel watch range, customers can freely design the entire dial, including the hour and minute index. The housing cover on the back of the watch is also freely available for design requests. The possible design techniques can be viewed here.
  • What is needed to implement my design wishes?
    Please send design templates as vectorized PDF or AI files by email to the following email address: Service[at]
  • What does a wristwatch cost?
    Send us the item number of your desired watch from our WhiteLabel collection, the desired order quantity and your company details. With regards to that we create an offer based on current market prices.
  • What is your lead time?
    Depending on the desired quantity, our production times vary slightly. In most cases, an order is completed in 40 days and can be shipped.
  • How is the goods dispatched?
    We ship via UPS, DHL or Fedex. Your goods will arrive at your place within a couple of days.
  • Can I request sample watches?
    Of course you want to convince yourself of the quality of our work. ZEITMANUFAKTUR produces all orders in the desired quantity after the order has been placed. Therefore, inventory of sample watches is unfortunately excluded. However, we would be happy to manufacture a sample watch for your order in advance for you to check. This sample is calculated at the unit price offered.
  • How are the watches packaged?
    By default, all watches are individually packed in bubble bags. This means that no damage can occur during transport. Zeitmanufaktur can also have packaging manufactured upon request. Whether high-quality wooden boxes, metal boxes or flat boxes made of cardboard material.
  • Can I order WhiteLabel watches from you as a private individual?
    ZEITMANUFAKTUR sells to resellers such as advertising companies. However, you can contact us at any time, we will be happy to inform you about the next dealer in in your area. These then handle everything else for you, from "A" such as the creation of the necessary order templates to "Z" such as customs clearance.
  • Are your WhiteLabe watches RoHS compliant?
    Yes - all of our wristwatches are 100% RoHS compliant.
  • Do your products meet the requirements for CE marking?
    Yes - all of our products meet the requirements of the CE regulations.
  • Are WhiteLabel Watches available in different colours than shown?
    Yes, you can order all models of our standard WhiteLabel Watch collection in different plating colors. There is just a minimum order quantity of 300 pieces required.
  • Are there different dial designs possible if I order one specific watch model?
    All models requiring a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) of at least 300 pcs. can be ordered in different dial designs, from a denomination of 100 pieces.
  • What is 3D-Relief Application?
    Your label will be raised on the dial, i.e. applied three-dimensionally way. Thanks to this technique (available in the colors gold, silver and rosegold) your logo will be integrated in a noble and elegant way on the dial.
  • What is silkscreen printing?
    Silkscreen printing is perfect for displaying full-surface colours. There are hardly any limits to your ideas.
  • What is a Photodial?
    Even photos can be implemented in a 1:1 true color tone on a clock face. This technique is often used to attract attention.
  • How does luminous branding look like?
    Persistent or self-luminous luminous colors are used for watch numerals, indexes and hands, to be read in the dark. This special color is powered by light and will glow after dark, so will your branding as well.
  • What exactly is Offset Printing?
    The finest color nuances can be printed by screening the four basic colors. Most coloured brandings are done by offset printing.

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